Day 1: Here we go again…

And we’re back!

Yes, I’m trying my hand, once more, at writing something everyday for the next 365+ days (including today, of course).  We all have our resolutions — happy new year, by the way — and I’ve tried, multiple times before, to do something like this.  And while I can’t say there’ll be anything extraordinarily different for this attempt, you’ll at least be able to follow me, once again, as I give it my best shot.

So what happened after that first week of February 2011, when I just completely stopped writing in that other blog?  Well, a whole lot.  And perhaps I’ll use those events as post material in the future, or maybe I won’t.  But I’m sure some of it will come up, at least to preface whatever it is I may write about that will be related.  Lots of different events, big and small, drastic and simple, have happened to me since my last blog, so I suppose it’s only logical that they’ll get their coverage when needed.

My first day of 2012 was an extremely relaxing one, thanks in no small part to my dear friend, Emma, who happens to be one of my roommates.  As my Twitter feed will tell you, she’s EMMAzing.  (See what I did there?  Yeah, expect the ellipses-commentary to make a comeback in my daily writing.)  It was a day filled with cooking, baking, laughing, more laughing, hot chocolate, Christmas un-decorating, and just good ol’ hanging out.  I’d say it was the perfect way to start off a big year.

What’s big about this coming year?  Who knows?  I just know that it’ll be different from the last, and that I’ll surely be different at the end of it, just as I am a much different person than the beginning-of-2011-me.

I’m pretty much just blabbering on at this point, trying to get into the habit of writing something substantial.  But what can I say?  I’m so relaxed right now that I’m good with whatever it is you’re reading right now.  (I promise, it’ll get more interesting, day by day.)

See you tomorrow!

P.S. Also, here’s a picture of my dog with a painting of my dog (by Katrina Carey).


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