Day 2: Oh, I can do this mobile-ly?

Yup. I’m posting to the 366 (yeah, I just remembered that it’s a leap year) via my mobile device. Here’s hoping that it all works well and looks ok once I’ve got it up. How am I doing this? Why with WordPress for iOS, of course! It seems like it’s a pretty slick way to write while I’m away from the laptop. There’s a good chance I could get used to this.

Anyway, I’m currently just at work on break. If you didn’t know, I started working retail part-time to help my stereotypically low starving-artist income. We’re just coming down from an intense holiday season — probably the busiest store in Canada (which probably gives away where I work) — so I feel like I can finally breathe again in the workplace. To be honest, if the people here weren’t so great, kind, and hilarious, I would have left months ago. But we’re all in this crazy boat together, and we can laugh it off at the end of the day, every day. Worth it.

Update: So I’ve been writing this throughout the day. I’m currently at the Firkin with some of my work buds getting a pint and having some POUTINE. It’s been a while, poutine. Can’t say that I’m glad you’re back, but hey, I’m glad you’re back. (I don’t even know, you can figure that one out yourself.)

You’re gross, poutine. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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