Day 7: Then and now – my Toronto experience so far. (Part 2)

Where was my career two and half years ago? Well, it was pretty much just getting started. I remember about a month after moving to Toronto in 2009 I received two life-changing e-mails, both of them contract offers, one for acting/creation and one for composing. Perfect. With my aspirations of acting and music being my main source of income, this was a welcome start. It was like the universe was my neighbour and put together a “Welcome to Toronto” gift basket for me as a housewarming present. Again, a very welcome start.

Both of those offerers of jobs have pretty much been constant sources of opportunity for me ever since. Keep in mind that, for artists, the words “constant job offers” can mean the world, and are rarely seen together in the same sentence in the early parts of a career. (Unless you count “I’m in a constant search for job offers”.  In which case, yes, we artists hear and say it all the time. Well, at least I did for a while.) So to have these projects fall in my lap a month into moving out on my own was lucky/a blessing/destiny/whatever mystical thing you want to insert here, and I’m very grateful for that. Yes, I attribute receiving work to getting the job done well when I’m on a project, but that starting point is usually the hardest part to find.

And now I find myself at a point where I can start actively searching for work, as opposed to waiting for when it’s convenient, or waiting for offers to fall in my lap. And although, again, I’ve been very lucky in how consistently that happens, the stupidest thing I could do is just rely on that to continue. You’ve always got to be prepared. (I know it’s cliché, but the saying “Expect the best, prepare for the worst” has always been something I’ve latched onto. It combines positive energy with the drive to be prepared. Pretty damn powerful, if you ask me.)

I’m actually just home from a wonderful afternoon/evening out with my friend, Marianna. Sushi and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, made for very entertaining time, including a sporadic, yet slightly planned, shopping spree on Marianna’s part. (Surprisingly enough, she was able to do two things I never thought I’d witness, personally, from anyone shopping for clothes: try on, purchase, and be happy with, multiple articles of clothing in less than 15 minutes, and do it under budget. She’s amazing.) During dinner, she basically kicked my arse into gear in terms of getting an agent. I think I fooled myself into complacency on that part, telling myself that I need to cut some hours first to make way for the boatloads of work that’ll come my way once I get an agent. (Not cocky, just positive, I swear.) But she reminded me that an agent isn’t guaranteed work, and there’s a good chance I won’t see anything for the first few months. Good point. So now, I’ve got this week to, at the very least, start the agent shopping process. And, if she remembers, I’ll be getting a request for a status report from Marianna sometime next weekend.

And that’s where I’m at now: on the verge of completing a goal I’ve had in my back pocket ever since I knew I wanted to make a living in the arts. I’m getting an agent, bitches.

I think this pretty much sums it up:

– Mickey

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