Day 9: What’s going on for 2012?

Dance. Yup, that’s what the big thing is for me in this new year. I was recently in a show called “Enter The Shadow: The Life of a B-Boy” and working with amazing b-boys — shoutouts to the Supernaturalz, et al. — and it has put me over the inspired edge to learn how to breakdance. I mean sure, I’ve tried to learn in the past, specifically in grade 9, but I only got as far as up rocks and six-steps. (I did a freeze once, but it resulted in a scrape when I did not know how to properly unfreeze. What can I say? I was so surprised that I pulled it off, I totally blanked on the dismount. Haha.)

So, of course, that means I’m looking at some better “stay-fit” strategies, especially if I don’t want to hurt myself during my learning experience. My first instinct is to just jump back onto the P90X train once again. I enjoyed the two weeks I got through when I first got it — remember, I’m totally bad at this whole “doing one thing everyday” deal — so I’ll likely try to see the whole thing through. Being fit, slimmer, and stronger has been a goal of mine for years — I’ve always been a bit on the heavy side since I was in grade 3 — so I know what I’m in for and what my limits are. And knowing those things, I’m looking to break past those limits like some sort of limit…breaker…(NERD ALERT: FINAL FANTASY VII).

But yeah, I’d say that’s probably THE biggest thing I’ll be doing in 2012. It was only a matter of time, really, considering that I’ve explored all of the arts to varying degrees already. Dance was inevitable.

Don’t have anything super long to write about right now. I’m about to jump in to some MW3 with some co-workers of mine and probably be really horrible at it. But I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you all about tomorrow or sometime after that. Again, I’m still trying to get better at that game, so I think I need to watch more video of actual pro players. Or at least, beasts of players, pro or non-pro.

Sometimes, I need better things to write about. But who cares? I’ve got to keep it up and write anything, anyway. Who knows what’ll stick to the idea wall down the road? No one right now, but future someones. Yes. All the future someones.

Daily treat time:

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If you ever need to buy me a present, this is my wishlist FOR LIFE. (You’ve been warned.)


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