Day 11: Where would you retire?

I know it’s years and years away, but have you ever thought about where you’d like to retire? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about living in the moment, and qué serà, serà, but I’ve been to some beautiful places in my experience where I could definitely spend the rest of my years, when I can.

My list? Shall we go in award-winning order? Or order of preference? Gimme a sec, gonna flip a coin. Heads: award; tails: preference…tails. Here we go!

Place number one: Hawai’i. Specifically, the island of O’ahu. Why? Well, LOST would be the number one reason. My first time in Hawai’i was on that island, and we went on the LOST island tour where we saw many of the places where those wonderful seasons were shot. It’s as beautiful — or more — as everyone thinks it is. So beautiful.

Place number two: Big Sky, Montana. I fell in love with this state, and I’m thinking it may be genetic. My Dad grew up in Montana, for a bit, and it was his idea to bring us there. The mountains, being close to Yellowstone Park, the countryside all contribute to making this place awesome. I rode a horse named “Tank” along a hillside forest who, when I finished my ride, wanted me to stay. (He nuzzled me as I tried to leave. If I ever get a horse, I’m naming it Tank.)

Place number three: Aruba. Ok, I’m not as sold on this place, and it’s probably on my mind just because I had such a fun time with my family there, but for sure I’d love to vacation there regularly. Who knows, I may have a pre-midlife crisis and become a scuba instructor there. Or own a resort. Again, who knows?

I realize two of my top three are part of the United States of A-what-the-f*ck-is-going-on-here-merica, which is probably why Hawai’i is number one: it’s the furthest away from the continent, but hopefully, the sane will save the world before it’s time for retirement. And it’s always possible that I’ll never retire because I’ll love what I’m doing as an actor/composer/musician/DJ and do that until my last day.

But if that happens, consider my retirement list the places I’ll love to visit most.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tank…from behind:

– Mickey

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