Day 12: Music=love=life

Yes, it’s a cliché for many artists, but music is one of my loves, and is a major part of life. If you know me, you know this already, but for the past 4 years, I’ve been performing in different musical capacities for different acts continually. One day, I’ll outline the beginnings of my professional music career, but I’ll just let you know what is up with my music right now.

Currently, I’m playing percussion and drums for my good friend, Arlene Paculan. (Check her out at We first met while part of Shotgun Wedding: The Musical, a ’90s R&B musical that played at the Toronto Fringe Festival last summer. And since then, we’ve become great friends while collaborating over her music. It’s a blast playing drums for her; her sound has that light soul feel, and is fun to play. I wish I could practice drums everyday to bring some subtle awesome-ties — that’s the next level up from awesome subtleties — to my playing. (R&B drummers are some of the most amazing musicians on the planet.) We’ve been playing around Toronto, and I’m very happy and excited to be a part of her musical journey.

On my own, I’ve been doing a lot of composing for a lot of people. Right now, I’m working on the music for my friend, Chris Rouse’s adaptation of “The Man Who Laughs” for the Sears Festival. (He’s a high school teacher.) But the biggest composition project from last year was my work on From Thine Eyes, a dance piece put on at the Harbourfront Centre – Enwave Theatre. It was (almost) entirely original music, which was quite surreal to experience live. To see choreography on stage that was created from your music is quite another experience. I can honestly say, it’s an experience I want to have many times over in my career, and I think I will.

Because of all this work for others — for which I am very grateful, because I have been able to pay many bills due to the projects — I haven’t been really been able to explore my own sound. Work has been really delaying my own personal projects, but this year I’m going to buckle down and get on that. Add it to the list folks: Mickey’s starting his album this year.

Aww yeeee, muffins.

Speaking of which, enjoy this:


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