And I love it. 13 is one of my favourite numbers. I do remember being afraid of Friday The 13th once as a child, but I also remember considering FT13s (yeah, I did) great days more often, more recently. While some people are out worried — or maybe that’s staying in, scared? — I’m loving the day. Take today for instance:

At work, I was totally pumped. I was probably the most energetic I’ve ever been at my retail job, sharing laughs, making people smile, being a little bit zany, while still being helpful and going above and beyond standard customer service. I actually think watching HIMYM so much over the past week — I’m already on season 4 after watching it all this week and last — has me speaking with the same rhythm and wit as the show. (Actually, if you’ve ever been to a movie with me that had a character that I really enjoyed, you’ll know that I always walk out of the theatre walking and talking like that character. I can’t help it, I think I’m a natural-born mimic.) I was probably the most confident I’ve been in a while when it comes interacting with customers, and especially with my fellow co-workers. Not gonna lie, it was borderline flirtatious, but never over the line. (Remember, me = no game, but I feel like if I was out at the bar tonight, I could probably keep up. Not that I’d ever do that.)

Anywho, what’s your feeling on FT13s? Or what are your superstitions in general? I can’t really remember what mine were when I was younger, but I do remember hearing a story about ghosts that are actually shape shifters. I heard that story on a thunderstormy Friday the 13th and I was so scared that I slept on my little brother’s futon in my parents room. He was so scared, he slept in my parents’ bed.) I couldn’t sleep, and the thunder kept me awake while I thought about ghosts that could take anyone’s shape. I remember walking up to my parents bed to tell them I was scared, and I freaked myself out: I saw my mom sleeping and beside her was, in my scared little mind, also my mom. I remember my heart skipping a beat and me letting out a gasp, until I realized it was just my brother, who as anyone who knows my family will tell you, looks like my mom. (And of course, I look like my Dad, which is something hear from my Dad’s friends all the time.)

Enjoy your Friday the 13th! I know I did.

Oh, and this. So much this:


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