Why do we fall?

So I failed. I failed at making this a successful 365. Again. I definitely did not deliver the promise I made to myself for this year. And that’s okay.

As I’m sure you remember from “The Dark Knight”, Alfred asks Bruce (as a reminder of lessons from Bruce’s murdered father) “Why do we fall?” And the answer, of course, is so we can get back up.

And that’s exactly where I’m at right now. It’s where I am in life, in health, in happiness, in prosperity, all of it. I’m not saying I’m sitting at the bottom — not even close in a lot of those categories — but I’ve embraced a change in my health, with the help of my love of technology and achievements (thanks to video games).

Fact about me: I’ve twice done Dr. Bernstein’s diet. Both times I lost 40+ pounds and felt absolutely fantastic reaching my goal both times. It’s a great system, and one that I wish I could’ve stuck with for longer to maintain that weight, and more importantly, that feeling of a great source of energy from within. But clearly, I rebounded once to have to do it again. And since succeeding the second time, I’ve rebounded again (though over a much longer time).

So in a sense, I guess I never really succeeded on that diet. If I had the money, I would absolutely do it again, but I know I just need to be more active in general anyway. That combined with the diet would be a great combination for my situation — believe me, it’s not for everybody, and it’s definitely necessary for it to be medically supervised — as I want to change my image. For me. No one else. Not necessarily in terms if how I dress, since I like my style, but I just don’t like what I see in the mirror.

It’s not an inner-beauty thing at this point. I want to see the person in the mirror who has the energy that I feel ready to burst everyday. I want to know that me, again. He’s like the Nutty Professor after taking the serum, but with none of the douchebaggery.

But most importantly, I want to have a long, healthy life. The me right now, at his rate, isn’t getting anywhere healthy, fast. And it ends here.

Enter the Nike+ FuelBand and my 3rd attempt at P90X. This round as all about setting goals over a longer period of time. I’m in it for the championship, not just the win. And there’s no lockout holding me back on that. (Clearly, I miss hockey.)


One thought on “Why do we fall?

  1. Sister-from-another-mother&father says:

    Youuuuu can do it!!!! Deshi basara!!!
    I’ll be in the stands cheering for you each step/trot/jog/jumpingjack/burpee/pushup/situp/squat/or-what-have-you along the way!!

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