Miss until you hit. Hit until you miss.

I’m doing it again. 365 posts in 365 days. This time no self-restrictions — which y’all didn’t know about anyway — required. No length requirements. No filter. (I’m not that offensive either way. Well, most of the time.)

I could do a review of my year to catch y’all up. But would you want to read it? It consisted of a lot of work. Working retail. Working on projects. Working on being a better friend to new friends, old friends, and best friends. Working on expanding my skills. Working on expanding my networks. Working on setting up the changes I want to see in my life. Working on living.

It’s time to live again. That’s not to say that 2012 wasn’t a very positive year. In fact, this new year will really be a logical continuation of all I’ve done already. And I think that’s the key.

This is not a resolution. This is a change in behaviour. It’s a change in routine. It’s a shift in focus. It’s the creation of a vision. (Vision board included!) It’s a continuation of a story. An evolution.

One of my favourite ideas about improving yourself comes from DJ Qbert, THE legend of skratching. He realized that it wasn’t about battling, competition, or trying to be the best, but just being better than you were yesterday.

He was talking about his skill as a turntablist, but I’m sure he applied that to his life in general. And so will I.

We all have a vision for ourselves. Mine is currently laid out on a cork board sitting atop one of my speakers on my desk. And a picture of it is on my phone’s lock screen. It’s showtime folks.

Be the cover story.

See you in 2013. Day 1 approacheth again!



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