Act 1, Scene 1, Take 3. And action!

And we’re here. It’s time to get busy living (thank you, Morgan Freeman and the writer who gave you that gold). So let’s do this.

I pretty much outlined, kind of ambiguously, as I do, what this year has in store. So I’m going to use this third shot at a 365 to do what I originally wanted to with this blog: dump whatever is on my mind onto type. I mean I called it Mind Dump for a reason, so why not follow through?

So here we go: I’m really glad I spent my NYE as I did. I spent the morning working on my web stuff and figuring out a really soulful chord progression on piano from a SNL opening featuring Bruno Mars. If I could play for the SNL house band, I don’t think I’d ever leave. One of my goals in life is to learn the closing theme to SNL — “A Waltz in A” by Howard Shore (yes THE Howard Shore) — because it’s got so much soul. I should probably add it to the vision board.

I spent the rest of the daytime with my roommate, Emma, watching Community Season 2 commentary. Hilarious, as expected.

Had a quick FaceTime chat with my blood family to wish them a happy celebration (and to let them know I’d be hopping around the city), including my niece Isabella who is my littlest best friend and whose laugh always makes me laugh, even if she’s under the weather.

Then I made my way to my best friend’s place (my family!) for a quick hangout over real champagne. Yup, she’s a classy lady. (Well, at least when she’s making selections at the LCBO.) I was really happy to be able to spend both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with her for the first time ever. It’s almost always a staple to spend both with my relatives, but she really is my family, so it’s about time she was part of that tradition. She’s kind of the greatest.

After that, I was off to a small party across town. I had a great time with some friends from work. They really are like another family as well. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with them outside of work, but when we do party, it’s like I’ve known them since high school. We had the countdown, lots of hugs were shared, lots of beer, fake champagne (sorry, after having the real deal, it’s gotta be said, haha), liquor, dope beats, drunken freestyles, and beautiful girls wearing unicorn head masks. Proof? Check my Instagram (@troysteel).

And now I’m finishing this post in the parking lot of a dim sum restaurant where I’m about to treat my fam.

Day 1: you’re already awesome.



– Mickey

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