Spaghetti Dinner.

That was a tiring day.

I think I just wasn’t ready for it. I was thinking today would be a lot less hectic, and was completely on the other end of the correctness spectrum on that thought. Anyone who works retail and doesn’t expect a full house knows what I mean. I just wanted to sit down. And eat some spaghetti.

My parents gave me an unexpected care package after I gave them and the family a dim sum late lunch. It was some mango juice, orange juice, garlic bread and my Mom’s spaghetti sauce.

For those who don’t know, my Mom’s spaghetti is my favourite dish of all time. I love Italian food, have had genuine Italian spaghetti from my Italian-born friends’ parents, aunts and uncles, and nothing beats Mom’s. I’m also addicted to garlic bread. (Insert Scott Pilgrim reference here.) So naturally, knowing that this was waiting at home made the second half of the work shift much easier to get through.

And it was delicious. I definitely ate too much of it, but based on how much better I feel now, I have no regrets.

Change gears. I played guitar and piano for two straight hours last night. It felt so good. I’m performing at The Central on January 12th, so I’m practicing up to make it the best acoustic set that I can. I’m thinking I’ll do some covers, a few originals, and just endlessly and adorably apologize throughout. Works for me. (Join me if you can!)

Shift. I keep getting distracted in daydreams. Thoughts of a possible future. A timeline that I want to exist. A universe where I find…

Sorry, another daydream. The more I do it, the more I’ll remember to remember. Or reveal.

Whoa, this shit just got Ryan Gosling…dreamy. (Zing!)

And now, an iPhone photo that proves I drive through the universe of The Walking Dead.



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