A Night In With My Guitar.

Saturdays are usually a night out for most people, myself included. But with my first acoustic solo set coming up next Saturday, I’m spending tonight with my guitar and some songs to learn. And maybe some songs to write.

I’ve got a mug of tea (chocolate rocket from DavidsTea) keeping me company as well. For a little bit, a FaceTime call caught up with me, and I’m glad it did. Sometimes, it’s just as good as being there (even if yawns were eventually exchanged, signalling an accompanying night in on the other side).

I’ve been working on two songs all night, so far. It’s definitely not in the style I usually perform. I’ve only ever done instrumental fingerstyle and comedy songs live solo. And usually, the comedy songs I’m either making up on the spot (keeping my love for improv alive) or they come from The Flight of The Conchords. (Honourable mention to Tenacious D’s “Fuck Her Gently” which I love singing for auditions.) But this time around, I think I’m letting something out that I haven’t before. It’s exciting. And scary. And that’s where I want to be. Might even be risky. (But not risqué. That’s a whole other show that friends of mine are way better at.)

What is that something? I’m putting myself in the open, but hiding it enough that you can’t tell if it’s an act or if it’s just me. And that’s a line of ambiguity I’m willing to let live for the time being. Aloofness isn’t something I like projecting, but it is something I catch myself in from time to time. I suppose it’s a bit purposeful in this regard, but I’m not sure if even I know what that purpose really is.

There is definitely a message, though. And every message has a recipient.

I’ll be sending it next Saturday.

Hey, this is a relevant photo:


– Mickey

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