Roadside Assistance.

Sometimes I like to live life on the edge. Dangerously, if you will, just like the situation I’m in right now.

Ok, so maybe not really dangerously, but for the first time in my life, I know what’s it like to run out of gas while driving. I’m actually writing this while on the side of the road near Peterborough.

Usually, I’m a good judge of how far my car will go. She and I have been pretty good about knowing our limits. But apparently, I overestimated what she could do today. Or I just underestimated how far the next gas station actually was.

It’s definitely just like it is in the movies when a car breaks down, but without the engine smoke. All of a sudden, your car starts decelerating. You can rev the engine, but you continue to lose speed. Good training and a cool head made it easy to know what to do as I hit the 4-way hazard lights and pulled off to the exit toward Lindsay. And now I sit, waiting for my emergency fuel delivery. (Thank goodness for roadside assistance and my Added Security Plan.)

That’s another first for me: calling roadside assistance and having it organized so easily and pleasantly. I wish I remembered the representative’s name, but she was lovely. By the end of the 5 minute call, a truck was on its way.

So now I wait. Thankfully, the car battery is fine so I’ve got my music to keep me company. And it’s also a good thing that I put two of the songs I’m covering for Saturday’s show on my phone before leaving this morning. I’ll be singing in my car until the gas is delivered. (Correction: I’ll continue singing in my car until the gas is delivered. C’mon, you know I was singing for the whole drive already.)

Life lesson learned: Always gas up anyway. Just in case.

I’m sure there’s a song to be written here, somewhere.


– Mickey

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