They Reminisce Over You. (T.R.O.Y.)

I like to look back at my past. I reminisce a lot. But it’s always from a positive place; it’s from a realization of the lessons learned. It’s never from a place of “what if”? I mean, that’s a great tool for writing lyrics, or stories, or dialogue, but really other than that, I don’t have any desire to think of how things could have been. It’s better to think of how things can be.

That can include many things, including planning, forethought, lists on lists on lists, and many, many post-it notes, or just conversations with your closest friends.

I’m blabbering. This is clearly a blabbering post. It’s been a long day.

Anyway, I read in a “Scientific American: Mind” article that it’s actually healthy to look back at the past. There’s beneficial reasons to be nostalgic. Today, I had the weirdest nostalgia hit me a few times, but I couldn’t pin point the memories those moments were tied to. I found that very familiar feelings of excitement, “butterflies”, and euphoria would pop in and out of my reality. I’d get glimpses of the memory, but then wouldn’t be able to grasp on to anything, other than the feeling and brightness of sunlight. Keep in mind, when I say glimpses and moments, I mean half a second has gone by. A sudden rush of adrenaline. A sudden increase in heart rate. As if my high school crush had walked by and smiled at me while I waved at her, not knowing what to say. Wait, was that it? I think that may have been it. Or maybe a weird culmination of every time that happened to me through my adolescence. But all in my head?

My mind is running. Heart racing. I’ve an idea of what this is all about, but maybe not. Damn it, ambiguous brain stuff.

Whoa, instead of this sentence that you’re reading, I almost gave away one of my songs for this Saturday. Surprises must be maintained. Sorry, family. 😉

I also literally sat here for five minutes, forgetting that I needed a photo to end it off.


– Mickey

(P.S. No, I did not just have chicken and waffles. This was from August. But now I kinda want some.)

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