Hear that? That’s the winds of change.

So, Monsters, Inc. was my favourite Pixar movie of all time (until Up came out). Post title explained, partially. But it wasn’t because of that quote that I fell in love with that movie. I loved that movie for many reasons: a different world, fully-developed in detail; Boo, the most adorable computer-generated toddler at the time; the good ol’ Pixar/Disney charm at its finest, essentially. I think that movie touched me because of its heart. And yes, over the arc of the film, it was indeed winds of change that turned everything around for the better.

Cut to the present, Toronto, 2013. Winds of change are all around me. Literally and figuratively. It’s really effin’ windy outside today. I’m looking out my window right now, and it looks like a tornado could be ripping through The Junction any second now. I can hear low howls that sound like a dragon flying right by my house. (And yes, I know what flying dragons sound like. Ok, not really.) Winds of change, indeed. Changed the street into a swimming pool for garbage bins and recycling bins to splash around. Changed the sky from cloudy to clear to cloudy to clear, over and over again. Changed my mind about changing my mind.

I had a wonderful coffee-date-turned-dinner with a good university friend who I haven’t really spent time with in about five years. We caught up over a dinner by a warm fire, perfect to fight off the cold wind. We talked about our day-to-day. We shared the ups and downs of years past. We laughed about our (sometimes altered-state-of-mind) moments from our university past. We expertly maneuvered a potentially awkward conversation into an open conversation of understanding human psychology (kinda). All in all, it was a great time, the experience of which centred around change. Brought about by…wind. (I’m reaching here, for sure.)

But really, that’s what I’ve been about for a few weeks now. Change. It’s been in the works since before the new year started, but those clouds are moving now, whether it be to clear the sky, or strategically into place, depends on the day. But they’re moving. Damn it’s windy.

Vague ambiguity alert: I’ve been debating with myself how to approach a situation. I’ll probably write an entry about it when I’m a little braver. Or I might turn it into some lyrics. I’ve already started writing it. In fact, I kind of wrote it already. Almost three years ago. I’ve even performed it. But it needs more. Fuck, I’m blabbering again.

I’m watching this right now. Roommate’s idea. But she went to bed.


Royale with cheese, motherf*cker.

– Mickey

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