Rhymes in the morning.

Morning routines are something I never really developed. I mean, I wake up, shower, and then go do whatever it is I have to do. And even that’s not always consistent. Sometimes I’ll just wake up and watch tv. Or play video games. Or just lurk on Reddit. (Ok, well, if anything is as consistent as waking up for me, it would be checking Reddit.) But I’ve never had a routine that I’ve created and had to do or else my day couldn’t get started.

And maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve always been very adaptable and the fact that I can just get up and go at a moment’s notice seems like a pretty good skill to keep. But a part of me has always been in awe of people who have there must-do morning routine starts down pat. Whether it be the smell of coffee, or a song to start the day, or a good breakfast (which is something I should probably start doing), some people have their mornings figured out.

This morning, I think I found my routine. I don’t need it to start my day, but other than breakfast, it’s something I want to do to make my days better. I spent two hours writing song lyrics and playing guitar. Some people workout or jog in the morning — another couple of things I should probably start doing — but I want my creativity to be my workout in the morning.

I finished the song I’ll be ending my Saturday set with. It doesn’t have a title and I’ll probably change the hook/chorus over time, but the story is set. I’ve realized that I’m not much of a metaphor/punchline expert (yet), but damn, I can make stories rhyme. Come to The Central to check it out in its first live performance. It’s definitely going to be on the EP.

Here’s to the morning rituals that make your day better.


– Mickey

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