The Day After.

Sometimes I ride pretty high the day after a good show. It’s usually a sign that, at least in my mind, I put on a good performance. Definitely rode that high today. It’s a pretty awesome feeling. It made work fly by and got me into my Dungeons & Dragons and session ready to…roll…(sorry.)

Before I get into the game, I’ll just say that last night was the boost in the already-driven focus of mine that will get more songs written and recorded than ever before that I didn’t really need, but now have. I’ve got a taste of performing again and I’m hungry. I’m staying that hungry all year folks.

Switching gears: in a kind of live update of said Dungeons & Dragons game, our group was definitely preyed upon, specifically our greed. There was a lot of treasure. I tried to resist, did so, and it wasn’t necessary in the end, but the way our dungeon master played it made it seem like the greedier we got, the more severe the consequences may be. It turned out we could keep everything we had, except the gold. So I could’ve been a bit greedier, but I played as my character, the healer, the voice of reason and kept my wits about me.

Oh, didn’t you know? I’m a huge nerd, and proud of it. I’ve never dabbled in board game RPGs, and of course I’ve always known about Dungeons & Dragons, so when the opportunity arose to play with some fellow geeks, I couldn’t say no.

Shorter post today, but I went straight from work to the game and have been writing this post while trying to stay alive in this game. It was intense. But I probably have not laughed so hard during a gaming session in a long time.

Riding high in the day. Laughing at night. The perfect day to wind down and celebrate a fun performance night.


– Mickey

P.S. This is the farthest I got in 2012 with consecutive posts, and I nearly missed that midnight deadline. Monday is my day off, and there’s no way I’m forgetting to post. Looks like 2013 already wins. Booyah.

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One thought on “The Day After.

  1. It was a great game. Keep up the posts buddy!

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