Dealing in perspectives.

We all see things differently. Sometimes the way we see things line up perfectly, and we agree on the perspective from which we’re staring. Most of the time, the red that I see is not the same red that you see. To look through your eyes could either look very similar to what I see, or it could be a complete opposite, or inverse. Neither of us would ever know it by looking through our own eyes, because we’ve lived with the way we see ever since we could see.

This isn’t a post about seeing eye-to-eye, or everyone having their own opinions about thing. It’s just about perspective. I see examples everyday of people using their perspective as a crutch, or as an excuse to be rude, or to have things “my way or the highway”, or as a direct gateway to stress when it’s completely unnecessary to do so.

I’ve always found stress to be a funny thing. It’s completely a result of perspective. Yes, we all hit times in our lives where the old saying “when it rains it pours” is a perfect description of either a hot or cold or shitty streak that we’re going through. (No gross pun intended.) And at those times, we can’t help but feel trapped, or alone, or under so much pressure that our world — the one in our minds — will collapse upon our failure.

But really, we do it to ourselves. It takes a lot for me to feel stressed. Or at least it takes a lot for me to show signs of stress. And even in the few times that people have told me “this is the first time I’ve ever seen you stressed”, it’s really not even that bad. I use this form of meditation, I suppose, (or maybe just daydreaming or imagination) where if I encounter a so-called problem, I “zoom out”. Rather than hide in a shell, I zoom out my perspective to see the bigger picture. Sometimes it’s just looking at myself in the situation. Sometimes it’s zooming out to an imagined view of my city. Sometimes it’s all the way out into the universe. The point is, if I do that, it helps me realize a few things: I’m not alone, I’m not the only one going through this problem, and there are definitely worse things happening out there that make this seem like an absolute waste of energy. Then I zoom back in and act accordingly.

I feel like those who get really stressed, really easily, are zooming forward into a future possibility where everything falls apart, and they project that as their reality, instead of just dealing with what can be dealt with in the moment. The future is mostly unpredictable. Some things are just out of our control, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it, so what is the purpose of turning into stress? It’s like racing to a red light: pointless.

Use your perspective. Change it, even. You’d be surprised how much stress fades away, or even fails to materialize when you just play around with your own perspective. I dare you to try it.

There are many versions of this flow chart out there, but this is basically how I keep myself almost entirely stress free. I’m no monk, and I could definitely use more meditation, but if you’ve ever met me or anyone that knows me, you probably already know that I’m always cool, and I mean that in relation to stress. (But also, I’m pretty fucking cool.)

– Mickey

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