The way we change our worlds.

I have the privilege of having friends and family whose passions include changing the world for the better. My mom was awarded with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee award in recognition of her community and charity work in our hometown. She constantly finds ways to help out the folks “back home” and was recognized for such. I also have a friend who runs an NGO that focuses on the empowerment of girls in South Africa through the sport of soccer (football).

But as great as their achievements are — and believe, they are great, as is evident by the hard, amazing work that they do day in and day out — I have other friends who are constantly helping to change their own world for the better. Whether it be through protests for the rights of others, reducing their carbon footprint to help the environment, or growing their own food, they all have found ways to change their worlds for purposes of good.

The truth is, we all change our own worlds, everyday. We may not be recognized by royalty, or the UN, but we are always changing ourselves and our universe. And yes, I am speaking in a bit of a quantum-physically way. We collapse wave functions with our observations, and we project thought into substance. How much of that we do is completely up to the individual, but we’re doing it, continuously and forever. It’s not just the large projects and accomplishments that create change, but it’s in the details of the incredibly small gestures as well.

Think about it. Imagine going through a door and holding it open for somebody behind you who was carrying a lot of bags and was prepared to open the door for themselves. They may smile and show gratitude, and go on with their day, never thinking about it again, and you may smile and feel good about yourself and then never think about it again as well. But for that split second, you changed the world for both that person and you. A moment of positivity, projected by your most likely subconscious thoughtfulness of others. There may come a time when that small action you took gets paid forward by the recipient of your gesture to someone else, possibly due to a subconscious recall of your action for them. And so on, and so on.

The chain may stop at the next person. It may stop just at you. But you changed worlds in that moment, regardless. And it’s that easy.

Assume positive intent. Be thoughtful. Change worlds.

– Mickey

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