The Magic of Pub Fare.

There’s something about a pub that’s got a bit of magic to it. Not a bar. A pub. Whether it’s a firkin or not, something about the environment and design of a pub makes it so comfortable, regardless of your alcohol consumption. The best pubs have that vibe. The feeling that at any time you could burst out into song and everyone would either join in or just watch and enjoy. Of course, most people would either look at you weird or just ignore you completely, but for whatever reason, the possibility always seems to be there.

Random post, I know, but I’m currently sitting upstairs at the Firkin on Yonge where a good friend just explained that, due to two separate comments on his hair — that he looks like Bilbo Baggins and that he looks like Luke Skywalker — he can officially say that he is a Jedi Hobbit. It’s this kind of wild imaginative fun and randomness that can sprout up in this kind of setting, this environment of laughter, breaded pickles, mini poutine, and potato skins. Also, Irish nachos. Yum.

It’s a post-meeting meeting. That’s what’s going on right now. But really, that’s what a night out at a pub is for most working folks. There’s something about meditating on your own at home after a long day that is really beneficial, but there’s a whole other level to that when you can share that meditation over beer and pub food with good friends who have gone through that same day with you.

That being said, it’s looking like the night is starting to wind down. Some of us do have to work in the morning. (Not me.) Some of us have to schedule a new workout plan with our roommate. But more on that later. (Wow, such a future Mosby line.)

What a firkin good night. (Womp womp.)


– Mickey

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