Motivation in numbers.

I’ve just finished my first day into my third journey with P90X. It is a part of my vision board and it has officially begun. This time, I’ve brought a friend, and I already feel more motivated than before.

During my first attempt, I made it two weeks in before lazily giving up and blaming it on how busy I was. My second attempt, at which point I had gained back the weight I had lost — up an unhealthy 40+ pounds — lasted all of one session. Again, blaming how busy I was was the excuse du jour. Attempt number three, is more than “the charm” already. It’s an unspoken pact, a promise, between my roommate and I.

My roommate has become one of my closest friends in the shortest amount of time. We consider ourselves the Troy and Abed of our friends, to put it in perspective. Best part of it all, for the purposes of this fitness goal, is that she is one of the healthiest friends I know. And to be taking on this challenge with a friend like that is definitely the way to go. In fact, I probably would not have started today if she had not asked to come along for the journey.

It’s something that I should have thought about years ago. Both times I went through medically supervised weight loss, I wasn’t alone. I was doing it with family and, of course, with the supervision of a clinic. Every time I’ve tried to do it on my own, I’ve failed. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my work experiences from the last two years, it’s that reaching for a goal in the company of others allows you to be held accountable. It keeps you on track, because others know your goals. Your friends are some of your best resources and motivators, so why not make them part of your journey directly?

This is going to be a hard climb. And the truth is the paramount will always be unattainable, as it will continue to get higher as I progress. But as I’ve said many times in my life, it’s about the journey. I just have to never let it stop.

I’d love to hike through here as part of that journey:


– Mickey

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