Gain from pain, reward from risk.

Day three into the P90X program hurt. But it was a pain that was easy to get through. My muscles were tight all day, but getting right into the workout made that tightness melt away. It’ll probably hurt like hell again tomorrow and the next day, but I think the lesson learned here is that if you don’t fight through the pain, there’s no way that it can get better. (Unless it’s a serious injury, then you probably don’t want to aggravate anything, especially if you were warned by your doctor.

But let’s flip that idea to the areas outside of physical fitness. There are many idioms and clichés related to pain. We’ve heard them all, I’m sure. No pain no gain. There is no joy without pain. The darkness makes the lightness brighter. No risk, no reward. And as over-repeated these idioms are, the fact of the matter is that they’re true. Yes, pain sucks. Yes, pain can be devastating and can lead to more pain when not dealt with right away. Yes, pain can envelope your entire life and surround you in darkness. And for all of those reasons, it’s something worth fighting through, every time. (Except for said injury example.)

You find out a lot about yourself when you fight pain. Your limits are exposed, but your ability to break through those limits reveals itself as well. It’s in all of us to do so. For some of us it’s a much harder battle, and for others it’s a war in which you find yourself constantly having the upper hand. For those of us in the latter position, I believe it’s our responsibility to motivate all of us. Because the truth is, even the strongest of us have times of weakness, sometimes with a fall greater than anyone else. But as I’ve said in a previous post — which basically paraphrased Alfred from “The Dark Knight” — the reason that we fall is so that we can learn to get back up again. And it’s from those falls that the strongest of us have gained the most strength.

Do it all from a place of positivity. Positive thinking and positive intent go a long way. Do not mistake their corniness for weakness. There are recent studies that show that just faking smiling can cause one to feel happier. See? Even science wants you to be positive.

Fight through the pain. Live by Churchill’s quote about going through hell. I’ll be here for you, cheering you on, stranger or friend.

Risk and change.

– Mickey

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