The weight of thoughts.

I love science. I even have some interest in pseudo-sciences. I wish I could understand more of “regular” science, particularly physics, at a deeper, mathematical level. I like to think that I can come up with some great ideas and understandings in a very general sense when it comes to things like parallel universe theory, string theory, wave functions, and the like, but if you were to ask me about the math, I’d be at a loss. I can picture and idea, and explain it to an extent, but I can only extrapolate so far. But I know there would be math to either support or refute my ideas.

One such idea is one that I’ve read about a few years ago. It’s the idea that thoughts have mass. Every thought you have has a physical weight to it. It would obviously be very minuscule, and impossible to detect with the human eye, but according to what I read, thoughts are measurable in units of weight.

While I have no scientific evidence to back it up, I like to believe that this has a direct relation to coincidences in our lives that seem “too weird” to be just a coincidence. For example, there have been multiple times when I’d unexpectedly think about a person who I have not thought about in a very long time, and then within a day or two, I’d receive a message or even run into that person randomly during my errands. How often were you just thinking of someone right before you encounter them? I’m sure we’ve all experienced it. What if that weighted-thought projects out from our minds, into the universe, and is received by the person in our thoughts? Similarly, what if it is them thinking of us that causes us to think of them and unconsciously both parties arrange their day to meet? I know it’s a long stretch, and most likely scientifically improbable, but there is a beauty to that thought process that gives me comfort in the continuing belief that we are the universe experiencing itself. To quote the cliché, we are all connected.

Of course, it doesn’t work every time. Often times, it may not happen if we are trying to make it happen. But the brain at rest, or at least when we think it is resting, is still working hard. Meditation can help to unlock some control of that work. It can also help us who try to control our mind too much to just relax and clear itself. It can help us to see the bigger picture, to “zoom-out” as I’ve mentioned previously. I believe the key to any of this is real positive thinking, and real assumption of positive intent. I’ve said it a few times already, but I think it it’s important.

If any of this sounds like “The Celestine Prophecy”, you’re right. As much of a pseudo-scientific parable as it was, that book helped me to accept and understand the ways that we interact with each other and the universe, and opened up my mind to the importance of helping others find their way as a means of finding my own way.

And really, if our thoughts have mass, and our projecting from our minds all the time, wouldn’t it be better for us all if they were positive, anyway?

I just did yoga. That might explain my thoughts for the evening. I’m feeling very balanced. I think the toughest of days can be fought through with balance, and this image in your mind:

– Mickey

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