Exploring dreams again.

I think working out every day this week has made me start dreaming vividly, again. I’ve always had very adventurous, highly detailed, and really complex dreams. I’ve attempted a dream journal many times, but it was getting so difficult to write down all of the details, not because I was having trouble remembering them, but because I could remember too many of them. That was when my dreams were at their most vibrant. It has faded over the years, only remembering bits and pieces on a few nights a week, but I think the key is keeping physically active, at least for me.

I think I met the girl of my dreams in my dreams. Again. I’ve actually dreamt about her a few times, but I can never remember what she looks like. I can only distinctly remember how I feel when I dream of her. It’s hard for me to even pinpoint any details because I think her features change at every encounter. I can’t remember much from my last sleep, other than the fact that I felt so uplifted throughout my dream. I woke up smiling. From the little I do remember, I can recall that she laughs uncontrollably at my jokes (and has a wonderfully contagious laugh). It was a stupid joke too, but I always find those funny, so clearly I’m looking for a similar sense of humour, says my brain.

And we were adventuring, too. I don’t remember where, or what we did, except for the last part where she jokingly threatened to cut my head off with a plastic toy axe, to which I made some stupid comment about the blade being mildly irritating from its strike, which is when we both laughed.

But again, despite not remembering all of the details, I just remember having this feeling of ultimate comfort. It felt safe. As if anything we did, anything we said, was always the right thing at the right time, for the right reason. Constant light, emanating from us just being in each other’s company. I think she was a little shorter than me. Maybe short hair. Or shoulder length. Was it curly? Or maybe really short? It’s so hazy. Almost as if in every “scene” in my dream, she looked a little different than before. But it didn’t matter. I knew who she was, and what she meant to me.

Silly dreams making today feel amazing all day. Thanks for the pick-up, brain. Now if only we can find her for real.

Image from http://xiah-san.deviantart.com Created by xiah-xan.

– Mickey

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