Instinct and Coincidence.

If you’ve ever read “The Celestine Prophecy”, you may have a similar feeling toward coincidences as I do. Without going into too much detail, the book describes coincidences as events and meetings meant to give you more information about your current path in life. For instance, if you keep running into the same stranger through the course of a day, then either they have some information for you, or you may have some for them. (Or one of you may have stalking tendencies…which in a way still applies to the example.)

What kind of information? That all comes down to instinct, at least for me. We’ve all had feelings of déjà vu, or odd familiarity with people or situations that we’re sure we haven’t encountered before. It’s making that realization that there is something in this chance meeting for you to learn and from which to grow and evolve.

This relates to my previous post mentioning how someone you haven’t thought about in years will suddenly appear in your mind, and then shortly thereafter that person runs into you randomly. There is something in that meeting for both of you to gain, whether it’s just a quick catchup or something more in-depth. The coincidence is an opportunity, if you keep open and honest.

Sometimes, though, it can be pure instinct that can drive you to meetings of importance, coincidental or not. Sometimes you just walk into a coffee shop and lock eyes with a stranger and wonder if you’re supposed to say something to them. Most people in the city immediately turn away or look down if you make eye contact, so it’s a notable occurrence if you do make contact and they keep it. It’s not love at first, necessarily. Just an instinct; a feeling that I should probably introduce myself and say something to break the ice that I didn’t know existed. The possibilities are endless in that split-second that instinct hits you, and if acted upon, it can change both of your lives forever.

(Damn. I wish I said something to her.)
– Mickey

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