The little big things.

I’m a DJ. I’ve battled against some of the best in Toronto and Canada and have been lucky enough to play some noteworthy venues across the city. I’m also a performer: an actor and a musician. I’ve been open and vulnerable in front of crowds of people, delving into emotions and doing it all for the entertainment of friends, family, and complete strangers. In both cases, I’m far more comfortable performing for large crowds than for a handful of people. I’ve never been able to pin down the reasoning behind it, but it’s something I realized fairly early in my pursuit of the arts as my passion.

And while, yes, it has been an absolutely thrilling ride so far, and I’ve received many moments of applause and accolades, I’m still most affected by simple compliments by total strangers. To be clear, I am completely humbled and downright shy when I get a compliment about a performance. I’ve almost rehearsed my responses to them in my head to the point where it’s reactionary. It’s not that I don’t genuinely appreciate the gesture, it’s just that, in the moment, it’s something that always catches me off guard, even though I can somewhat anticipate its arrival. Now, this normally happens with stage shows, but it’s not something I always expect at the end of a DJ set, especially if its a multi-DJ night and I was the opener.

But it happened last night. And even though it was an extremely fun night, I wouldn’t have thought that a simple compliment from a stranger would be a big highlight of my night. It wasn’t even a detailed comment, just a “hey DJ, that was a great set man, good work.”

It was such a little thing, but it had such a big impact, and I’m not even sure why. I just know that it’s true to me. They say the Devil’s in the details, but I think it’s the details and the discovery of them that make the everyday so much more vibrant. We pass them all the time without noticing them, but when one of them stands out, like a random genuine compliment, it’s amazing how big of an effect they can have your life experiences.

I blabber, once again, but it’s something I couldn’t stop thinking about all day. Clearly, the effect is evident.

– Mickey

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