Tea and me.

I’ve recently become more interested in the different flavours of tea. More specifically, I’m starting to learn what teas I like. My kitchen has so many tea varieties that it was inevitably going to happen.

For me, tea always seems to bring about relaxation and thoughtfulness. It’s as if the beverage and its lore trigger reflection and nostalgia; a potion to induce meditation. Unlike coffee, which is usually meant to fuel one to gear into action, tea somehow implies a slowed pace to reality. And that’s probably why I prefer tea over other hot drinks. If I operate through my day with the ability to perceive time at a slower rate, then I can learn more from it, and may finally halt this feeling that time is always accelerating.

And all of this from thinking about a DavidsTea named Chocolate Rocket. It’s currently my favourite flavour, though I am starting to enjoy Read My Lips chocolate tastiness mixed with a bit of spice from the bits of pepper. The two teas actually trigger that sense of relaxation through their subdued flavours (when compared to flavoured coffees and lattes) even though they are categorized as stimulants. It’s as if it allows me to focus on a task due to being able to stay thoughtful and reflective of my actions before and as I do them. Elixir.

Prior to this exploration, my taste in teas were strictly dictated by hearing about them on television and in movies. “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.” is one command that any sci-fi fan should be aware of, and I would bet that just like me, it was a tea they’ve always wanted to try since seeing it ordered. But as friends’ recommendations began to increase in number, I could only give in to the peer pressure. It was a tasty compromise that I don’t regret.

I think a mug of Read My Lips is in order. If only I could have it as quickly as a replicator could make it so.

– Mickey

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