Back to your favourite you.

We all have a version of ourselves that we like the best. Whether it be what we consider our “prime” or a potential version of ourselves that we have yet to realize, this is the goal that we are always thinking about when don’t even know that’s what we’re thinking. This might not even be our ideal version of ourselves, just one that we prefer or have favourited.

One of my favourite versions of me existed about 55 pounds ago. I’ve been that version 3 times and I’m always at my most energetic when in that iteration. I’m working my way back to a better version of that guy right now. In fact, I’ve been working on becoming him again for the last 9 days. He is always powered up and ready to do everything. He fits in size medium shirts. He even has a surprisingly nice jawline. But there’s a better version of him for which I’m striving and today was a big step in that direction.

This better version has much healthier metabolism. He’s stronger, faster, and eats better than all other versions of me. He doesn’t have that gut he’s had forever anymore. He may even be able to see his defined and refined abdominal muscles. (A man can dream.) But my favourite part about this version of me is that he never let’s go of his goal to be and maintain this version. He wants to continue to be that ideal me.

I know I can get to this version. He might not be just 81 days away, but whoever I become in that amount of time will be even closer to that ideal me than ever before. The key is sticking to it. Accountability. Vision. Passion. All of these are my tools to that new me.

And I think once I’m happy with that new me, then I’ll be more confident to find that person with whom that new me will journey for the rest of our lives. (Sappy romantic version of me will probably always follow along. Truth be told.)

– Mickey

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