Every sword has a name.

So, fair warning: the idea for this post (which I am winging at this very moment) comes from my re-watching of HBO’s Game Of Thrones seasons 1 & 2. But it’s true: every sword has a name. Each sword may not necessarily hear its name aloud ever, but they are all with designation.

Every sword we own, has a name. They’re just not always swords. We can cut deep or slash quick with our words. We call that wit, charm, vulgarity, and mockery. Our thoughts can uplift ourselves and others. Those swords are called hope, vision, and passion. And some swords embody the very spectrum of what drives us everyday in our universes: love and hate, life and death.

We carry these swords with us at all time. We defend ourselves with them everyday, and on occasion, we go on the offensive. We train and spar with them in the company of friends and colleagues. And if we absolutely have to, we go to battle against our foes with these swords, even when those foes are more often than not in our minds.

But the war we fight with these swords are never ending. Some call this war “The Journey” and I know that’s what I call it. It doesn’t always feel like war, and I would never be able to imagine what those who went through actual wars felt and experienced, but we all have those days where it certainly feels like the universe has an army against us.

It’s days like those that shape who we really are. They strengthen the swords we already carry. They forge the swords we need to carry on. And the most interesting part of it all, in my opinion, is that most of us are fighting our way to a reality where we no longer need to arm ourselves with our swords. This journey is far more than seeking peace in the world. It’s about discovering that peace within your mind. The quiet of your soul. A peace unknown to anyone else but you.

That peace, ironically, is the last sword we’ll ever have. It sits on the mantle of our individual universe as a reminder of what it took to find us where we are. And when you can read the name on that sword, you’ll know yourself better than ever before.

The name on mine is sill blurry, but I know it begins with M.

– Mickey

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