Sleep is magic.

We’re always in need of more of it. Most of us don’t get enough of it, even though it’s one of the most important things in all of our lives. I know for a fact that I could always use more sleep.

It really is like a type of magic. The body simply slows down, rests, the mind changes it’s gears and by the time it’s over, we feel healed, rejuvenated, and ready for life. Through no initiative or action of our own, our body and mind tell us it’s time to turn in, and we simply follow the heavy eyes and the weary thoughts to a place of rest. It replenishes us. That is, of course, if we get enough sleep, and sleep well.

And, of course, we dream while we sleep. We see visions, hear sounds, and experience things we may never experience in our waking lives. We meet people we’ve never met before and learn things from them that we may not have learned while awake. We feel very real feelings, whether it be love, fear, hate, joy, or anything else throughout that spectrum. We can even fool ourselves into thinking we are awake an starting our day, only to wake up for real and start our day all over again.

Flying through sheer will and thought is commonplace. When I fly, it’s never a quick soar up into the sky. It starts as jog, which turns into a bit of a run. Then I jump just a little bit and start to float. At first, it’s only short distances, as if I were taking extended strides, but then I’m floating endlessly. I can manoeuvre left and right, forward and back, but I’m never too high up at first. I work my way up to the tips of buildings and on the rare occasion, I’ll touch a cloud, but I’ve yet to go soaring and speeding through the sky. I also rarely look up. I just watch the ground get farther and farther away. I should try looking up.

Sleep is magic. Not just magical. It is magic. The entire universe is yours to control while you sleep, if only you train your mind to be open enough to do so. We are all the architects of our sleeping lives.

– Mickey

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