A whole lot of thanks.

This is a thank you post. Thank you to readers old and new. Thank you to friends and family supporting me and my journey to write something everyday. Thank you to complete strangers who take the time to read these posts and press that “like” and/or “follow” button after. It lets me know that I’m not just completely blabbering and it fills me up to know that you may be getting something out of my random thought processes. Thank you to readers internationally! Admittedly, I’ve got a pretty awesome Australian follower that was always my “in” to being a blogger read from the other side of the world, but it absolutely blew my mind that people from (I think) eight other different countries took the time to land on my page, even if it was just through a search looking for something else. Thanks for simply passing by.

Really, thank you. You, yourself. Even though you may be reading this for the first time, wondering “who is this guy and how could he possibly be addressing me, personally, and everyone else simultaneously?”, I’m just glad that you’re receiving my gratitude right at this very moment. I know writing everyday for a solid month isn’t much of an accomplishment, but if you knew how hard it is for me to keep to my silly little goals like this, you’d be in my position, thanking anyone who merely glimpsed at this blog too. It is honestly an unexpected bonus to have even a handful of people follow along on this seemingly inane journey to do a 365. I’m really just doing it as a challenge to myself, but to have people respond in any manner absolutely humbles me. I hope I can continue to be useful and provide even a shimmer of insight to anyone who has come along so far and to anyone who is joining me right now.

It’s day one of month two. I can’t tell if blogging everyday has made time speed up or has helped to slow it down. January seems like it was such a blur, but if I take the time to even glance through my posts, there was way more to it. Definitely. I’m on my game more than ever when it comes to my music, and even more so with my health and fitness. I played two shows last month with two more shows (maybe even more) coming up this month. I’ve even got bookings for this summer and next summer landing in my lap already, good signs that I will be keeping very busy for a while. And I feel like there are some important and varied connections waiting to be made just around the bend. Stepping stones to something or someone greater than just me and the goals for which I strive.

I think a lot of this newfound dedication and passion comes from the promise I made to myself that all of this was not part of a simple New Year’s Resolution. These are all marked changes in how I live, how I lead, and how I focus.

And again, I thank you for joining me on this journey.

– Mickey

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