Multiple annual checkpoints.

Days like Super Bowl Sundays always open up memories of Super Bowls from past years. For those who love the game, they’ll remember their favourite match-ups, favourite plays, favourite players, and favourite story lines. For me, and I’m sure for countless other extremely casual football fans, it’s all about the event itself. And by “event” I don’t mean the Super Bowl game. I’m talking about the party, or the get-together, or the alone time watching the game. I’ll always remember being in university and playing street hockey with my friends before heading inside for the big game, home-made chili in the slow cooker among many other delicious things waiting to be devoured. Or grilling many small foods on a hibachi at my cousins’ house, before kickoff, and desert during the half-time show. Tonight it was good friends and beautiful new friends at a carefully selected, not-too-busy bar, streaming the game online through a projector, complete with the tastiest jerk chicken wings I’ve ever had. (Don’t worry, I kept the portions to proteins, and am probably still not at my recommended daily caloric intake. Plus it’s Super Bowl Sunday: the one day where eat-cheating is expected.) And all of these will now always pop into my head when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around every year.

It’s also interesting when you think of the company you have during these events that generally happen at the same time each year. Of the 20 or so people from that one Super Bowl memory from university, I probably meet up with of 3 of them, sparsely through the current years. That hibachi-filled memory pretty much repeated itself without me this year, as I joined new company this time around. Each memory of that annual checkpoint really informs you about what your situation was at the time.

And this, of course, goes for more than just the Super Bowl. Obviously holidays come into mind, with every Halloween costume, Christmas morning, and New Year’s eve giving you an updated checkpoint in your life. Other big sporting events, such as the Olympics, will always have special memories attached to them, like watching tennis quarter-finals from a hotel in Mexico, or watching Canada’s Men’s Hockey Team win Gold during on a laptop in the middle of show rehearsal. We get a glimpse of what our life was like at every one of those checkpoints in our memory.

The point of all of this, if there is one, is that even during the most frantic, awesome, adrenaline-filled times, there is always room for reflection and meditation on where you are now and how you got there from last year. And if you don’t think there is, you probably already did it when your buddy asked you before Beyoncé hit the stage, “remember how weird last year’s half-time show was?”

Destiny’s Child is back…ish.

– Mickey

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2 thoughts on “Multiple annual checkpoints.

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Sounds like you did well with the self control then, and I am glad I was nowhere near jerk chicken wings. Yum…

    • troysteel says:

      On the food side, I definitely kept it under control, but that pint of beer may have been the real cheat…at least it wasn’t a heavy draught. (Jerk chicken wings, though, were indeed amazing.)

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