Anger while sick.

I hate being sick. It’s one of the few things that gets me absolutely angry. I don’t know what exactly I get angry at, other than the sickness itself, but I am more than grumpy. I’m hulk-y. As in “smashy-smashy” hulk. I yell profanities at nothing while coughing away trying to get to sleep. I growl and roar after clearing my sinuses or after a coughing fit. I fight against the sickness in my own, weird, stress-releasing way.

This bug is a weird one. I felt it as a small lump in my throat, making it a bit rough to swallow. I thought it was going to manifest into all-out phlegm warfare, but I think my increasingly healthy body kept this one at bay much longer than usual. It wasn’t until about five days later, which was last night, that it decided to flourish. But even still, it’s much subdued than usual. I did medicate for a part of the day, but after finishing up plyometrics right now, the worst of it, currently is a dry throat and slightly wet cough. I don’t know how that works or makes sense, but it’s we’re my throat is at right now.

Coughs are always the last thing to linger when I get sick. Sometimes they last for a few weeks, when I’m no longer sick, but it still feels like there’s drops of water in my throat and I have to clear it out. And it usually acts up in dry and/or cold air.

But I fight it with everything I can, and with a better immune system — according to the whey protein barrel, anyway — I’ve got more to add to my defences. And of course, in true universe-testing-me fashion, I have to fight off a cough and (waning) cold a week before two vocal performances.

Bring it on, sickness. You ain’t got shit on me.

– Mickey

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