One man army.

Fair warning: I’ve started watching 24 from the start of the series for the first time. I am really enjoying it and that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve always been a fan of the one-man army scenario. James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Jack Bauer (The JB trinity, if you will) have all been part of my movie/tv vault of fame. (It’s a mental vault, but if I had a vault specifically for that reason, you can bet I’d have blu-ray copies of all of them.)

I’ve always been a fan of these types of protagonists, probably because of the fact that they do it all themselves. Everything. And that’s an idea around which I’ve pretty much built my existence. I’m a musician. I’m an actor. With review and practice, I could be a visual artist again. I want to be a better dancer of all sorts. I love science. I love video games. I love nature hikes. I can cook. I can play many sports. I do a lot of things. I prefer to be as close to a “master-of-all-trades” in life as opposed to a master of none. (Or a jack. Unless it’s Bauer.)

But one thing that I also enjoy about these one-man army types is that, in all three of my favourite cases, they still have a support team. Sure, they’re the frontline, putting their life on the line time after time, but being a one-man army doesn’t have to mean being alone. Jack’s got CTU, Bond’s got MI6, and Bourne wouldn’t be Bourne without Treadstone and Blackwater (even if his story line is to take his place of origin down.) I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if I didn’t have the support team of good ol’ family and friends pulling me through it all. They compliment me on all the projects I’m always working on, but the truth is that, without them, I’d never make it. Sure, the drive and initiative is mine, but I’d be a fool if I didn’t use my resources. And believe me, even the smallest bit of encouragement can be the biggest resource you need to make things happen.

So here’s to you, all of you one-man and one-woman armies. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it for the rest of my life: you inspire me forever.

– Mickey

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