The importance of a day off.

We work too hard. It’s true. For some, it’s a matter of upbringing. They’ve worked hard all their lives that it just feels weird to not be working. For others, it’s so that they can provide for themselves or their family. They have to take on multiple jobs and be away from home at all hours of the day and night so that they can create or buy something better than what they already have. And while a lot of people who work “9 to 5” jobs have their weekends wide open, even then it isn’t a real day off sometimes. There may be chores to be done, errands to run, things to buy, etc. They may party Friday night to sleep in Saturday, but in a way, they’re still working.

A true day off is important. It allows your body to recover from the hard work week, and your mind to settle down and reset itself. I actually schedule Mondays and Thursdays as my “do anything” days, but more often than not over the last few months, they essentially became true days off. Part of it can be spent in absolute laziness, just kicking back and watching whole seasons of tv shows. But almost every time, my mind slips into self-reflection about how the week is going, what is coming up, and just doing my usual “zooming-out” into the universe. Sometimes, I’ll just meditate by staring at the blankness of my ceiling, looking at the unusual shapes on it created from reflections of light through my window and their accompanying shadows. At my most peaceful, I’m usually pondering the idea that I see only what I see and that this is all happening as I perceive it. I get inside my head a lot in this state, and I wonder about why I see my world the way I do. Meta, yo.

But when I come back, and it’s still my day off, the little things that may annoy the average person seem so silly and small that they don’t even factor into my train of thought. Only existence and experience remain in that moment and I’m reset and rejuvenated.

Book a day off. Do it now and book it sooner than later. And really take that day off. Go on an adventure in your mind or read one and embrace your imagination. Things aren’t so bad when you’ve got your own vacation with you always.

Breathe. And enjoy breathing. For real.


– Mickey

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