Random Post Generator: Freeway Suite Filter

I wanted to try something different for today’s post. I decided to adopt an idea a friend and I had about Secret Santa over last Christmas. The idea we had was to use a random word generator’s results as item searches in Ebay. Whatever item could be found that was within the budget (included) was what would be sent to whomever was your Secret Santa recipient. It was a good idea to us, it just didn’t end up working because, apparently, the words generated were too random, even for Ebay.

But I’m taking the idea and turning it into starting points for posts. Using a random word generator, I’ll be using three random words to inspire some of my posts. Consider this my first “theme” for my blog. Something along the lines of Letterman’s Top Ten, Leno’s Headlines, or Conan’s “In The Year 2000”, but for the blog, and probably nowhere near as funny. Comedy isn’t the goal here, just a possible result. The goal here is to write, as it always has been. This is just one of the many methods to go about kickstarting an idea. (And no, this isn’t because I couldn’t think of anything else to write about, because I was actually going to write about the importance of hugs and human contact. But I’ll come back to that later.)

So here we go: my first random word generator post. And the words selected are as you see above, “freeway suite filter”.

Imagine if you could drive down the 401 — major highway in Canada — and just wanted to be able to find out where some expensive lodging was located along your way. This is what you would use. It’s probably an app, but would be much cooler if it was part of a heads-up display on your windshield. Actually, thinking about it more, this is probably just another name you could use for the GPS navigation system or device you already use in your vehicle.

“Hey Mickey, what’s that thing on your windshield?”
“Oh, that’s just my freeway suite filter. It lets me know what suites are around as I drive.”

I suppose if that’s the case, then our smartphones are all freeway suite filters. They’re also fast food location filters, high-traffic route filters, nearest gas station filters, etc. etc. So if you wanted to sound more “high-tech” than your friends — or maybe more like an inventor who can never seem to get it right — then just tell them that your phone is a freeway suite filter, among many other things. Trust me, they’ll still be your friends.

Well, that was quick and fun. It reminds me of my improv days back in high school. Not a bad exercise to get the creative juices flowing. Let me know what you think! And if you have other ideas that you’d like to see me use in future posts, feel free to write it in the comments.

Let’s have some fun with this blog now that I’ve — knock on wood — got it ingrained in my daily routine.

– Mickey

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