Lack of sleep is dark magic.

I’ve posted about the awesomeness and magic of sleep and how much we need it. But this week, due to my lack of sleep, I’m really starting to feel the dark side of it all. And it’s my fault, really.

I misread my work schedule and showed up at 7:00am for a shift that I didn’t have, going on 3 hours sleep from the night before because of this bug in my throat. I took a nap, but it just felt like lack of sleep again as I had to get ready for a show last night. Today was the real 7:00am shift, and it was a full one. Again, going off of little sleep — 2 hours this time — I was really starting to feel it near the end of my shift.

And when I start to lose it due to lack of sleep, I start to daydream uncontrollably which, in turn, makes me sleepier because of my drifting mind. It’s not the best for the drive home, but luckily I took a route that kept me awake and aware enough (even in rush hour traffic) to avoid any nodding off into a problem.

But as soon as I got home, it was off to sleep. I got another two hours in before going for my workout, but when I stood up from my bed, I was dizzy and my throat felt worse than before. I’m sick again and it’s definitely because of the lack of sleep. This dark magic that drains me of energy and health is a force completely existent due to an absence. Again, it’s amazing how sleep can recover and replenish our bodies. I tend to forget that the opposite of sleep produces the opposite results.

Shorter post today, but let’s face it: I need to get to bed.

– Mickey

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