Open to your imagination, open to everything.

I like wandering around in my imagination. I love it, actually. It brings me comfort, knowing that this other world is always at my disposal, existing as my own personal holodeck, in many ways. It’s a sense of play, really. It’s a sense that we slowly release as we travel further and further into so-called adulthood. You always hear about people wishing they could get back that sense of play from their childhood, but being too jaded from knowing about the real world to make it so. I say that it’s never too late to be open to your imagination.

Sometimes, admittedly, I can let my imagination get a little carried away, but I know myself well enough to keep it under control. Sometimes I let it mix in with my reality perspective, and might just play around in it a bit as someone else. This is especially true if I’ve just watched a movie or a television show where I either really relate to the protagonist, or if they’re someone that I would like to play because of their interesting behaviours or accents. (I’ve probably mentioned it before, but if you ever go to the movies with me, and it was a particularly good movie with a likeable, inspiring protagonist, watch my mannerisms and listen to my speech patterns. They might look like something you just watched.)

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never pretended to be in an action movie while simply walking through a mall. I’ll often have a movie score playing in my earphones, providing me the audible emotional cues to follow during my imaginative walks. When The Bourne Trilogy came into my possession, and was something I rotated through the week on my DVD player, I also acquired the soundtracks and would have it playing in my car during drives from place to place. It made rush-hour traffic much more entertaining. (And no, it didn’t make me speed or drive erratically. It just made me imagine that I was being tailed by some government spies trying to take me down. That’s better, right?)

Staying open to my imagination keeps me open to everything around me. I’m more perceptive of my surroundings — chalk that up to video games, as well — and it actually allows me to troubleshoot and solve problems more efficiently or sometimes more laterally. It’s more than just daydreaming. It’s practically applied daydreaming. And it’s one of the few ways that I can be a superhero or a super agent or a one-man army without all the real training and destruction.

It’s just playing in my mind. And I love to play.

– Mickey

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