Being stuck. (Or, the fight against writer’s block.)

So, cards on the table, I have no idea what to write about today. I was thinking of going towards a discussion about the power of our pets and how fulfilling taking care of an animal companion can be. And especially since it’s Family Day up here and I get to spend time with my dog who doesn’t live with me regularly, it would have been an apt post, but I’m going to save that for later because I couldn’t come up with a title that I liked. (No, seriously, that’s the reason. Take it for what it is.)

Then I started thinking about other things that may inspire or provoke thought, but really, all I was doing was getting stuck. And that leads us to where we are right now: being stuck. Am I stalling for time? Yes, a little bit, but I think I’ve got my train of thought in motion.

We all get stuck. We get stuck in many different ways, at many different points throughout our lives. Taking design classes in theatre school, I was taught different methods in trying to get unstuck when faced with such a dilemma. Looking at different sources for inspiration, listening to music to evoke a thought or an emotion, or not thinking at all and just letting some sort of stream-of-consciousness output to flow. The scariest thing to many designers, visual artists, and writers is putting that first mark on the page. A blank page can be a terrifying thing.

My favourite method of getting unstuck, is a simple one. Just start. Write a word. Write a sentence. Who cares what it is, just write it down. Draw a line. Dab some paint. Scribble. Doodle. Just get something on that paper or that screen. Nothing you create is perfect, nor should it be. Everything is just a draft, a work-in-progress, and whatever it is that you end up as a “final” product, will ultimately show you ways to make it better in its next stages, if it’s necessary. You may get the result you want in one shot. I know that I’m guilty of rarely proofreading, and I’m sure I’ve made mistakes in many of my posts here. But I also know that many pieces of work that I’ve done throughout school — especially in high-school, where I was consistently a high-achiever — were submitted as first drafts, despite advice to edit and re-draft. I’ll proofread for mistakes and flow, but the only time that I went through the “proper” way of essay-writing was the lowest grade I received for an essay. (It’s a blessing and a curse.) But in the end, even if it was a very procrastinated-upon end, I just had to start.

So just start. Just write. Just draw. Just go. You’d be surprised how quickly your brain starts flowing. You want proof? You’ve already read it.


– Mickey

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