Small gestures and huge meanings.

Short post warning tonight as I’m currently waiting for my bill at the BierMarkt. It’s my good friend’s birthday dinner and I’m also hosting/MCing the new monthly event I’m doing at Andy Poolhall called “Phaze One”. But I just listened to the birthday boy talk about his time in Western Canada and it was inspiring stuff. To see someone speak so passionately and with absolute awe and wonder of their experiences was very motivational and simply beautiful to witness.

One thing that really resonated with me was his story about leaving Calgary on a plane. He watched one of the ground controllers wave goodbye to the plane and, in that moment, he teared up. He came to the sudden realization that there is so much power in something as simple as a wave. The ground controller didn’t know he was being watched as he waved. He just waved to say goodbye to the plane, regardless of who witnessed it. “Humans are awesome” were his exact words as he finished one of his many short stories.

And we definitely are when we are open to the world around us. The smallest gestures can fill our hearts and that’s not only attributed to the sender but also to the receiver. A wave, a handshake, a high five, a kiss, a hug, or even a simple touch on the shoulder can all awaken and delight something within each of us. It can be the most direct form of communication, no words necessary. In that one move, I can give you everything and you can receive the universe, if you wish.

Let the little gifts into your world. Embrace that rush of friendship and companionship when someone waves at you. Wave back with all your heart, even if no one can see you. Be loved and just love.

– Mickey

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