Gifts of words and images.

When it comes to gifts, nothing is as valuable as sentimental value. I’m not saying anything you don’t already know, I’m aware, but I think this is something we should be reminded of from time to time. I’ve said that it’s the little things that count in previous posts (or something along those lines, I think) and gifts are definitely an area where that’s the biggest truth.

Some of my favourite gifts are things that I’ve owned, used, and kept for years. Some of them are things I know I’ll keep forever. The most memorable ones, are those of simple images and words. Like a birthday card. A love letter. An autograph. A drawing. A Polaroid. A post-it note with a kiss. All of them so full of memory and soul. They’re all of them time machines, taking me back to the moments that they came into my possession. All of my senses come alive in reliving those events, and a warm feeling of nostalgia, excitement, and love come rushing in.

It’s even more significant when they arrive unexpected. To know that someone went out of their way to make your day, heck, your entire life better through a simple letter can mean the universe to someone. It does for me. And it makes me feel so elevated and energized that I can’t help but spread that and pay it forward (after I reciprocate first, of course). So much positivity fills your cup so quickly, you have no choice but to share it.

So here’s to you, who makes me feel so good about life and the universe. You make everything worth it.

– Mickey

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