The energy of hopefulness.

Hope is such an essential part of my life. It’s more than just standing by in desperation for a result; remaining hopeful helps me to stay focused on what I want out of this existence. I’ve always tried to live by the advice to expect the best and prepare for the worst. My hope is expecting the best out of everything. My hope is expecting the best out of everyone I meet. It’s the assumption of positive intent, and it’s something that I’ve tried to do as much as possible lately, and from what I can tell, it seems to be working well.

But there’s more to it than wishes and prayers. It’s a mindset that only works when accompanied with hard work. An effective work ethic, I think, is really just hope with a very reliable backing. It’s hope with the resources to make the dream happen. Again, it’s preparing for the worst, but expecting the best. And we should always hope for the best. There’s no reason to hope for anything but the most ideal outcome, is there?

Real hope is uplifting. It has no shadow of disappointment waiting for it to fail. Real hope never fails, it just transforms. It becomes another goal or focus. It immediately jumps from an undesirable outcome to the expectation of the best in something or someone else. Hoping to win the lottery doesn’t work because it has no backing behind it other than sheer luck. And as much we all hope to be lucky, it’s not even close to preparing for the worst.

And even if we prepare as much as we can, the outcome may still knock us to the ground in a way we couldn’t anticipate. But that in itself is worth it all. We learn, we grow, we get up, and we keep on keeping on. We may change our strategy or change our goal, but the important thing is to just keep going on the journey.

Keep your head up. Love. Hope. Dream. I’m with you all the way.

– Mickey

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