I’ve made it this far thanks to you.

So we’ve reached March in the journey to 365 blog posts this year and, just like last month, I want to thank you for coming along. It’s hard to believe that we’re already done with 1/6th of 2013, and it’s even harder to believe that I was able to write 59 different (and often random) posts about, well, nothing and everything. Again, I call it the “Mind Dump” for a reason, and that reason being that it’s a place for me to just write whatever comes across my brain. There’s no censorship, no judgment, no need to tie everything together — though, as I read my previous posts, I realize that I definitely follow a structure when I write in this blog — just a complete dump-out of my mind.

It just so happens that, as this is a very inspirational year for me, I’ve been trying to inspire you, all of you wonderful readers with what I write. I don’t purposefully try to find a lesson out of my posts, they just happen to be inherent in what I decide to type. It’s not nonsense (most of the time), but just a way for me to share with you what keeps me motivated and what helps me get through life. In the two months this has been going, I’ve covered different ways to handle stress, many ways to stay on the course of whatever your goal may be, different ways that the mind works, and a lot of ways to just perceive what’s around you and to be more open to the universe. That’s where I get my inspiration and my “zooming-out” perspective, and it’s definitely big enough for you too, so don’t hesitate to join me.

But really, this is another thank you post. It really lights up my day when I see a notification that someone new has decided to follow my ramblings, or that someone who already follows pushes that like button. I know it may seem like such a little thing, but to have even just 30+ followers, most of whom I’ve never met before in my life (but I have read, and I’ve gotta say, I really like reading your stuff, too!) is just more than I could ever ask for with this blog.

At first I thought this blog was for me. Then, I thought it was also to share my mind with my friends and family. But I realize that it’s definitely just for everybody. It’s just for you and me. And as I continue through this journey to 365 consecutive posts and grow as a writer (or blabberer), I want to invite you to reach out to me with any comments, questions, suggestions, or complaints, either through the comment section at the top-left (and if you’re on the singular-post page, at the bottom) of each post, or through any means with which you know to contact me. I’m very open to feedback — it’s really the only thing that makes us grow intellectually and in our different skill sets — and I’m always open to discussing anything and everything.

Thank you, again, for being a part of this with me. It’s nice to have you on board.

This one’s for you:

– Mickey

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