Motivation in results.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my progress on the health side of things. I’m happy to report that it’s still going on and I’ve been steady on track, heading into Week 7 of the complete P90X program. I’m down 20 pounds, my belt is two notches tighter, my shirts are hanging looser, and I am definitely seeing results that I’ve never seen before, particularly in the overall strength category. I’m starting to see definition in my arms that I never thought I’d see, I’m more flexible than I’ve been in 10 years, and I feel like have an actual jump in my step. (The stairs in front of my house are dangerously uneven, but I can bound up them without a problem. Previously, there would be one or two steps that, because of their odd heights, I’d have to put some extra effort into stepping up.)

The results are showing in everyday things and in activities where it pays to be in better shape. Yesterday, I went paintballing with the boys in the family — Dad and Uncle included — and I could definitely feel the difference in how I could move after 7 weeks of exercise vs. how I would have moved before. I could get from cover to cover quickly, and move from standing to crouched to prone and back in a hurry. The spring in my step even took a couple of players by surprise from a distance, as I marked them unexpectedly. (I don’t know if working out has improved my aim, but bonus if it has.) I know the old me would be panting and wheezing trying to move in and out of a low crouch, and while I was moving and working and keeping up a sweat, I was definitely not exhausted after the two-hour session. I probably could have gone a few more rounds, if I had the time and the ammo, but I had another event to attend. All-in-all, it was a great boys’ day out, and I can definitely thank P90X for making it more enjoyable. In fact, I pushed a little bit harder for the past month knowing that I’d be going into a firefight with/against a couple of natural athletes in the family. I did not want to be the snail in this battle.

It’s absolutely motivating. When you work hard and see and feel the results, you become your own motivation to keep going. It’s easy to stay conscious of your health, your diet, and your everyday activity levels when you know that only good things are waiting for you around the next workout, the next week, the next phase. I haven’t eaten a single potato chip since Mid-January. The same can be said for candy and chocolate. It helps that I’ve stocked my fridge and cupboards with only the healthy stuff listed in the nutrition guide. (Out of sight, out of mind.) And it also helps that turkey bacon and top sirloin is on the menu and part of the calories I’m supposed to intake, but can’t because even I find it to be too much. (Listening to your body is key to adjusting food and workouts properly.)

It’s cliché to say it, but hard work pays off, especially in the health and fitness department. But it has to be your hard work. You are the only one who can drive yourself to do great things. Yes, you may find motivation in others, but in the end, the real motivation comes from you and from the results you create.

Bring it.

– Mickey

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2 thoughts on “Motivation in results.

  1. jefftds says:

    You’re an inspiration! Congrats and keep it going!!!

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