Always and never enough time.

Time management isn’t something that I’m an expert at, and I definitely do not recommend managing time the way that I do, but I’ll give myself credit for the fact that I’m pretty good at managing my time in a very haphazard, and procrastinate-y way. I never miss a deadline — at least not by much — but I definitely do not mess around when it comes to other people expecting something from me at a given time, especially if it’s part of a contract or commission.

I should clarify some more, I suppose: I suck at managing time for myself and the “life” part of a “work-life balance”. I work a lot. Sometimes it’s to my own detriment, but a lot of the time I revel in the fact that it’s work that I enjoy doing. It never feels like work, but when it does, that’s usually a sign to me to start looking somewhere else for income. I refuse to not love what I do, regardless of what it is. If I loved packing boxes, I’d do it for a living. But alas, I love the arts and have definitely done a lot of work in the arts for free or less than I should have. In any case, because of the many projects that (as of late, and hopefully for a very long time) continue to fall in my lap, I’m always juggling different “jobs”. Again, when there’s other people’s needs at stake, I do not mess around. I may procrastinate — I always make time to do that — but I’ll get results. But if it’s my own projects or my own leisure, I’m far too lenient on myself. This year has been a delightful exception to that pattern, as I feel that I’ve gotten more done with my own stuff in the past 100 days than I have in the last 3 years.

The only downside to this — and it’s kind of a big one — is that, unless I start to learn how to live without sleep, I can never properly manage my own leisure time. I have a social life, admittedly at a minimum level, and I do go out and have fun, and I do enjoy Netflix and television shows through other means of which I shall not mention, and I’ll occasionally play an hour or two’s worth of video games here or there, but the work definitely outweighs the play. For some people, that’s a reality that will never break, other than the vacation time they get a week a year. But I think we need far more than that in order stay healthy, sharp, and creative.

I should note that because of the different work that I do, I don’t really have a weekend. I’ve somewhat assigned myself a split weekend with Mondays and Thursdays, but even then I’m doing work, despite the fact that I call them my “days-off”. That’s not to say that I won’t have moments of relaxation, or breaks from the grind, but based on the many things in my possession that I would like to enjoy but have yet to even open, there’s apparently never enough time.

But really, there’s always enough time. I just need to manage it better. It’s an interesting switch from the “old” me. Prior to the inspired, vision-board making, everyday-blogging Mickey, I was still working hard, but would take up my little free time wondering what to do next. The Mickey of today now still kind of does that, but with couple less hours in the day, due to never missing a workout, never missing a writing session, and severely cutting down on eating fast food and not cooking. The problem is that I keep buying new things with which to entertain me — mainly video games, movies, books — before finishing the old-new things I bought to entertain me. I have a plethora of unopened games, movies, and books that I’m afraid to open because it may take too much time to get into it.

Come to think of it, it’s not a bad problem to have. I should just make…no…organize more time for it.

– Mickey

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