Don’t forget to enjoy entertainment. (Part 1)

It seems like being a critic is a new favourite pastime for many people. As someone who works in the entertainment business, I suppose it only makes sense to experience this more than others. I’m guilty of doing it from time to time as well, but it’s something I tend to save for when I feel strongly enough about something that my impulse is to put my detailed opinion out into the open. For the most part, though, I’m just the guy who spares the details and cuts right to the rating.

But I should make it clear: I try to enjoy my entertainment while I’m experiencing it. Unless I have to write a review or have to experience something for research or analytical purposes, I’m there to enjoy myself. I laugh, I cry, I gasp, and I just enjoy the ride of whatever it is that’s trying to keep me entertained. It’s only after the show or movie or song or game that I’ll start to think about what worked and what didn’t. Now don’t get me wrong: if it’s unbearable to continue experiencing it, I’ll go do something else, which has been a rare occurrence so far. But for the most part, I’ll always give it the benefit of a doubt and give it until the end of the run to reach its potential.

Why bring this up? Well, it’s a bit of an insight to one of my few pet peeves, something that I haven’t really written about before. I can’t stand when people decide to review out loud during a show or movie. Not only is it disruptive to my own and others’ enjoyment, but it’s simply a pathetic cry for attention. They have to let their opinion be known during the experience as if to assert their dominance in what they believe to be the intellectual ether. It’s as if the rest of us would be missing out if they didn’t share their views right at that very moment.

And I’m not just talking about over-the-top reactions of disbelief, although they are obviously annoying to everyone around them, but there’s even little reactions that people feel they have to let out because if they didn’t, then it would be insulting to their intelligence and standing. Keep it to yourself until it’s over, if that’s you, because no one else wants to hear you or your bellows of your lofty expectations that are more than likely out of place for the entertainment they’ve chosen to disrupt. The little snorts, scoffs, and sighs of disapproval are choices made at those moments, not just involuntary reactions. They may be your opinion, and you are indeed entitled to them, but not at the cost of my attempt to enjoy the show without outside influences projecting their judgment.

Enjoy your entertainment experiences. Again, if it’s so terrible that you have to walk out, then walk out. If you’re going to give it a chance until the end, then give it that chance. But don’t ruin it for everybody else around you. We don’t all like the same things, and we’ll always have differing opinions, but there’s a time and place to voice displeasures, and for the most part, during the show is not that time.

At least try to be entertained. Believe me, you look neither that cool or that sophisticated as an on-the-spot critic.

To be continued…

– Mickey

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