Motivation through example.

I like sharing my stories and thoughts with friends, family, and clearly the general public. It’s not so much about bragging, but just about celebrating accomplishments with others. I like when people, either friends or strangers, tell me about something they’ve achieved. (Remember the world-record setter that I wrote about? Prime example.) It always makes me smile and it often reminds me to either keep going toward a goal I’m working on, or to renew a goal that I might have let fall to the wayside.

But I forget that the stories I share may have the same effect on the people reading it. I teach music, and as a teacher, I try to find ways to motivate and inspire students to practice and perform. So naturally, when I write these blogs, I find it unusual not to try to do the same. For those of you not in my social networks, I post random instagrams, statuses and tweets like anyone else. And apparently, even those little glimpses into my everyday can have the same effect as these entries.

Today, a friend of mine at work congratulated me on my progress through P90X. A lot of others have been doing the same, for which I’m grateful and humbled, as well as encouraged, but what stood out to me in this case was that he was on the phone and went out of his way to put the conversation on hold to tell me. He said that watching my progress makes him want to get healthy and workout too.

And I get that. When you work with a large group of people, many of whom are fitness-motivated, the effect can rub off on you. It did for me, and apparently my commitment has started doing the same for others. Again, I post these updates as a celebration of achievements and the sharing of that just to share and smile. But finding out that it inspires others from the people who feel inspired just makes me want to work harder and to actually go out of my way to motivate others too.

“Lead by example” is a motto I’ve always tried to live by in moments of leadership. And even though I’m doing this program for me, I feel that I have to push and finish and bring it so that I can motivate you to reach your goals. Because now I realize more than ever that if I’m sharing these celebrations with you, it’s because I want you to celebrate your achievements with me. I want to be motivated by you too.

You already inspire me by reading this. I guess writing these blogs and doing P90X are officially not just for me anymore. I’m doing this for you too. And I thank you for motivating me to do so.

– Mickey

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