Two dreams, one show.

It has been a lifelong dream to have some sort of connection to Saturday Night Live. Not just a connection with the show through being a stay-at-home fan, but an actual link to the show. Of course, part of this dream is to just see it live, in person. I play the SNL lottery in August every year online, but have yet to win. I’ve thought about a road trip to NYC for a slim chance to get standby seats in the studio as well. And why not? The worst that could come out of that is that I have an amazing road trip to NYC. Beyond this dream, I also want to be on the show. Or at least part of it. Either cast, crew, or musician, if I landed any of those jobs, I might never leave it.

Interestingly enough, I can remember this being one of the first future goals I wanted as a child, maybe not 4 years old. I remember watching the best of Eddie Murphy’s SNL sketches on a VHS tape multiple times and loving it. I would even do my own impression of his Little Rascals’ Buckwheat. And when I fell in love with improv and started learning about what Second City contributed to SNL through the years, I saw that as a clear path to getting on the show and it made that dream much more attractive.

But as my love for comedy creation was growing, so was my love for music and its craft. In fact, they continue to grow in tandem as I grow professionally and expand my networks. But as I developed my passion for music, I started realizing how amazing the musicians in SNL’s house band were. It is currently one of the top bands I’d love to be a part of, and it is definitely a gig that I would never leave.

And it’s really the Closing Theme that gets me every time. It sends that familiar chill up my neck, as the feeling of that blues/gospel inspired waltz just puts so much into my soul at the end of every episode. In fact, I’d say that my goal of wanting to see the show is secondary to just wanting to experience the full length of this song, start to finish, live on SNL. Lenny Pickett is a beast on the sax.

So there you have it. Two dreams, one show. Both dreams exist on the current paths I juggle, so at least I’ve got the crosshairs lined up. It’s a long trigger to pull, but the finger is on it and it’s already squeezing.

– Mickey

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