Energy in community.

I had the wonderful privilege of being invited to Fu-Gen’s Ching Chong Chinaman opening night last night. (I know the title seems pretty racist, but that’s kind of the point for this show, and they do a really good job of exploring that aspect fairly.) This isn’t a review post, but I will say that you should see this show if you’re in Toronto this month. And aside from the wonderful performances and memorable moments — for the record, I only remember these types of moments from excellent shows and movies — it was the reception afterward that really solidified the experience for me.

If it turns out that my theatre career takes off into something spectacular, I know that I’ll owe a huge part of it to Fu-Gen Theatre Company. Yes, they are a company that helps to foster and develop Asian-Canadian artists and works, but it’s this type of community, which is much more open to theatre and the general public than you may think, that always energizes me to work like a monster in this art form. And it definitely helps that so many of these artists affiliated with this company have been and have become great friends and therefore are kind to think of me when it comes to projects.

But beyond even that, it’s simply the creative and social energies that this company helps to create and maintain that always amazes me. Every event of theirs leaves me exhilarated and reenergized, specifically about acting, but also a little bit of the composer and sound designer part of me. And it really comes down to the people, these wonderful artists and even better friends and human beings, as being the reason that I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. The support, the advice, the camaraderie, not to mention the offers of work and collaboration, all work together to keep my own stars aligned and in check. And even though my relationship with the company is still relatively young, I know that I already owe so much to them for even being thought of for opportunities.

The theatre world is a small community. But the energy it creates has the potential to change lives, both artists’ and audiences’. It has already changed mine forever.

– Mickey

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