Two feet in two worlds.

I have always been a lover of new technology. Star Trek: TNG was always my ideal future while I was growing up, and even today, I’ll read about new technologies and buy new gadgets and devices and think to myself, “one step closer to Star Trek”. I’ve always loved movies about utopian/dystopian societies that have reached their pinnacle or their downfall surrounded by technology. I’ll sometimes be typing on my laptop, which is connected to an external monitor for a dual-setup, with my iPad to the right as another screen and my phone charging to the left, and just feel like I’m in a single-person shuttle. Or I’ll feel like the techno-wizard character in a heist film. Or a hacker. Or at the helm of the Enterprise. I absolutely don’t need one, but I’ll probably end up getting an iPad mini just to feel like I have a PADD like Captain Picard. I’ve always loved the imagination that we bring to the future, especially in science-fiction, because it always feels like we’re getting closer, faster.

On the flip-side, I’ve always loved nature. My family has gone on countless beach and resort vacations, which have been amazing, fun, and relaxing, but my favourite family trips have been the treks into what Mother Nature has to offer, aside from the beaches. Alaska and Yellowstone National Park immediately come to mind as two of my all-time favourite family vacations, and it’s simply because of the beauty, wonder, and energy that these places exude. I probably have just as many photos from those two states as I do from my Disney World road trip, if not more. With Yellowstone specifically, I was absolutely struck in awe by the magnitude of the sights of that park. With the week we spent in West Yellowstone, Montana, we probably didn’t even see 1/4 of that park. We took a tour of all the different springs and geysers, Old Faithful included, and at one point saw a wolf in the fields, about a mile away. (We had to use binoculars to track it.) We took day trips to see the lake and did a bit of a bus circuit, but my favourite experience had to be Yellowstone’s canyon. I had only seen pictures of places like that previously and seeing it live for the first time was one of the most surreal experiences. The perspective, the colours, the size, all of it just didn’t compute in my brain. It was as if I was staring at something that was fake, or painted. I would reach my hand out and expect to touch the other side of the canyon because it must be a graphic (or a holodeck wall). I actually had to look down in order to make my brain realize what I was looking at. (Grand Canyon, you’re next.)

I’ve always had a love for both of these worlds, and when they come together in concept and execution, they tend to create what I would consider my ideal reality. It’s a harmonious concept, and one that is difficult to fathom for most people, I imagine, but it’s the future that I constantly hope will manifest. Trekking through nature and seeing the most beautiful natural sights in the world with the use and aide of new technologies is what really brings out the wanderlust in me.

(Dear Google Glass: let’s travel the world together when I one day own you.)

– Mickey

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